Personal Training

Working closely with a Trainer is a great way to achieve your goals because together we can develop a detailed plan to your specific needs, abilities and restrictions.

If your looking for a Trainer that will work you to the point of vomiting, yell at you to push you further - that's not me.  I  like to incorporate play and laughter into my sessions, all the while giving you the workout you want.  My aim is for you to leave a session feeling better than when you arrived.

Before commencing a personal training program, there is an initial a 1 hour health consultation. This helps me to get to know you better.  We will discuss your goals, your motivations, your exercise likes and dislikes, injuries or restrictions etc.  I will also take some basic health measurements to use as a baseline for you and from there we will set some realistic short term and long term goals and agree on the best Personal training option for you moving forwards. 

I can refer you to a local Women's Health Physiotherapist if you require pelvic floor assessment and I'm happy to work with your own Allied Health Professional to ensure a consistent  approach that will give the best training outcome for you.

I offer the following personal training options:
30 min 45 min 60 min
1:1 Training x x x
2:1 Training x x

*Small group PT (3 or 4) people can be arranged if you have some friends who would like to join you to train.