My Why

I am often asked – “Why did you give up your corporate job to become a trainer?”

The initial answer was my kids, the current answer is my kids and the amazing women I’ve had the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from.

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At 49, with 5 kids aged 18-4, one of my close friends passed away and it rocked my world.  All I could think of was “I have a 4 year old I need to be here for a lot of years yet”.  My contracting job allowed me to work around the kids, but I was stuck at a desk with a computer, very little personal interaction and completely different interests from the people I was working with.  I was unhappy but felt obliged to be working where I could bring in the best income.

I spent 12 months studying part time around my contracting jobs to become a trainer.  I am so blessed to have had the support of my friend and trainer Tina Passarelli across that time, and then to have met Michelle Wright, who introduced me to the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.  What an eye opener that weekend was.  Here I found my passion.  I found a group of people who thought like me, that reassured me that my beliefs around training women were ok.

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From that weekend my business evolved.  My understanding of training women safely sky rocketed, (my poor husband and family know just about everything they never wanted to about a woman’s pelvic floor !!!)  It reassured me that I could work out of a dance studio and open up exercise to women who may have felt intimidated to go to a traditional gym, and build a community where we can support and help one another.  And because it’s not a gym with big pieces of equipment, it’s a safe space where little people can accompany mum if getting a babysitter or organising child care is difficult, removing yet another barrier from stopping women getting strong and healthy.  The bonus being I get cuddles!

I have mums with young children and I have mums with grown up children, and what I’ve found is that we are pretty much all the same.  We all want to be healthy, we want contact with other women, we want to be cared for / about, and we want to laugh and have fun - that’s my why. 

If any of this has struck a chord with you, have a look through my website and consider exploring a different training option with me .